Russian Federation to build Moon colony by 2040: NASA says hold my beer

Russian Federation to build Moon colony by 2040: NASA says hold my beer

The space agency said in a statement the goal is to bring many science and technology experiments to the moon as soon as possible.

These contracts will be geared to filling the needs of NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program over the next ten years of its development.

NASA hopes that others will use these services as space travel becomes an endeavour accessible to private corporations.

Bridenstine said he ordered safety reviews of SpaceX and Boeing, another NASA contractor - which were first reported by The Washington Post earlier this month - but stressed that he had wanted the reviews of their corporate culture before Musk was filmed smoking weed.

In December, President Trump signed Space Policy Directive 1, giving NASA a new direction: "The directive I am signing today will refocus America's space program on human exploration and discovery".

The CLPS contracts are indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contracts and have a combined maximum value of $2.6 billion over the next 10 years.

One of the key elements for NASA's future missions to Mars will be to use the moon as the gateway.

NASA officials say the goal of the planned spaceflight is to transport equipment for performing experiments and collecting information about the moon. NASA is now working with commercial partners to carry astronauts to and from the space station.

"Navigating humans to the moon and back almost 50 years ago was an incredibly proud moment for the engineers and scientists at Draper", CEO Kaigham Gabriel said.

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NASA has said it expects work on a new space station laboratory to start as soon as 2022.

Going to the moon isn't new for Draper.

NASA wants lots of companies involved to encourage competition and get to the moon fast, so astronauts can benefit once an orbiting outpost is up and running near the moon.

The American plan for space exploration will unfold in stages, starting with the transition from the current model of human space activities in low-Earth orbit to a model where the government is only one customer for commercial services.

"What they bring to their consortium is tried and tested navigation systems", said Chad Anderson, chief executive of Space Angels, a NY investment firm that finances space-oriented startups.

Two advantages of the partnerships include getting USA astronauts back to the moon more quickly and keeping them safer after they arrive.

Firefly Aerospace: An Austin-based company focused on economical and convenienct access to space for small payloads via reliable launch vehicles.

Of the group, the only well-known name is aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, which has a long track record of success with NASA and built the InSight lander that touched down Monday on Mars.