Smash Bros Ultimate Final Character Roster Revealed

Smash Bros Ultimate Final Character Roster Revealed

It is a fighter, can spit poison and will be made available post-launch. Ultimate, just short of actually throwing a character (or better yet, a deejay llama) into the game.

Nintendo announced two new characters today during its Super Smash Bros. An example of fighting against these is Fire Emblem's Owain being shown as a Spirit, which gives increased power to melee weapons, but also makes the enemy taunt a lot, like the character's personality.

A Fighters Pass is the alternative for $24.99 as it comes with all five fighters, stages and all their music tracks.

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To rescue them you have to win special fights that are themed around the character in question. Instead though we're getting a new support system where a huge number of additional characters will appear to enhance your main. In Smash World, people can share videos and check stats. Wii U found many of its most exciting new fighters, including Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife and Bayonetta. They can level up after battle, be trained, send them off in search of treasure, and can also be fed candy. What impact it'll have on casual players remains to be seen.

Ken Masters is joining Super Smash Bros. You can set your own preferred rules, and it'll be a random selection between yours and the other players over which ruleset is chosen.

Players will also be able to claim other players' Smash tags, enjoy spectator mode and much more. Ultimate Nintendo Direct livestream before the game's release, Nintendo and Director Masahiro Sakurai have announced all-new details for the highly anticipated game.