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The Why: The annual flu shot

The Why: The annual flu shot

The flu shot should be at least 60 percent effective.

Freshman Georgia Wainwright said the SHS has done a great job making flu shots readily available to students.

One of the most controversial beliefs about the flu vaccine is that the ingredients are "poisonous", and can make you sick. Those with compromised immune systems should talk to their physician about whether a flu shot is appropriate. The number of hospitalizations last winter due to patients suffering from the flu created backlogs in emergency departments and urgent care centres.

Although flu experts knew it was a rough season previous year, they had no idea how bad it actually was.

In comparison, an estimated 14,000 GP visits and 2300 hospitalisations were related to the flu last winter. You are more likely to become seriously ill and have complications like pneumonia or make an existing condition worse if you catch it. "First, there are three types of influenza - A, b and C. If we take one vaccine, the other came the flu, and it no longer operates as it should", - he explained.

But the science is far from ideal. Medical director for preventive care at Kaiser Permanente Dr. John Dunn said people should consider getting a flu shot before cases spike this year. This year, the vaccine strains have been updated to better reflect what was circulating during last season. Even so, the vaccine still helped, Daniel Jernigan, the CDC's influenza division chief, told the Post. But depending on the choice of the vaccine, the effectiveness of this protection will be from 50 to 80%, and this will agree, is already done.

But for some people it can be more severe. It doesn't guarantee you won't be injured in an accident, but it improves your odds of surviving alive and healthy.

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USA health officials are trying to increase the rate of flu vaccinations this year after a severe outbreak last season killed a record number of children and led to spot shortages of antiviral medications like Tamiflu. The flu vaccine will help protect your child from flu and also reduce the chance of it spreading on to others.

"I feel like a flu shot is an insurance", she said.

It's not hard to imagine what could happen if Americans and the world stopped efforts to protect themselves individually and the public at large.

But, that was nearly 100 years ago! By contrast, there were 16 million deaths worldwide (116 thousand U.S.) from World War 1.

And it was hindered by President Woodrow Wilson, who used censorship and sedition laws to suppress news about the deadly disease.

In addition to the single day that the vaccinations were offered, the flu clinic was not extensively advertised to students - two emails were sent out, one on September 28 and another on the day of the clinic.

Wilson's suppression was meant to lift the morale of people, and critics of the president were often prosecuted and jailed. "And people unfortunately attribute that to the flu shot, when in fact they're not related", he said. "It seems like we're in a better position this year". In a new report published on October 2 in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, investigators say that while that rate remained significantly higher among health care workers, it continues to fall below target.