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Governor: Limo That Crashed Shouldn't Have Been On Road

Governor: Limo That Crashed Shouldn't Have Been On Road

The limousine in a deadly crash that killed 20 people in upstate NY on Saturday had failed inspection last month and the driver didn't have the appropriate license to operate the vehicle, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed Monday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the limo involved in the crash failed a state inspection just last month.

Police said everyone inside the limousine, including the driver, died in the crash, and all those killed were adults.

Mr Cuomo said the limousine had been rebuilt in a way which violated federal law, adding that the vehicle hire firm, Prestige Limousine, "has a lot to answer for".

"The family believes that unbeknownst to him he was provided with a vehicle that was neither roadworthy nor safe for any of its occupants", the lawyer, George Longworth, said in a statement.

"In my opinion, the owner of this company had no business putting a failed vehicle on the road", the governor said while attending a Columbus Day Parade in New York City.

Prestige Limousine, of nearby Saratoga Springs, has taken its fleet off the road.

The limousine struck an unoccupied 2015 Toyota Highlander, New York State Police First Deputy Superintendent Christopher Fiore said at a news conference Sunday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigates all major civilian transportation accidents, said that it had sent a "go-team" to the crash site to assist with investigations.

Investigators were determining whether the regulations for limousines, whose passengers are not required to wear seat belts, are adequate.

"We continue to be stunned by the widespread local impact of Saturday's heartbreaking limo accident.", said Kara Ulasewicz, hospice president and CEO.

Axel Steenburg's brother Rich Steenburg had also been along on the fatal trip, The Times reports.

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In her final Facebook post, Ms Steenburg shared a photo of herself and her husband and wrote: "I just wanted to say Axel Steenburg I love you more than words can say!

They had their whole lives ahead of them", aunt Barbara Douglas said describing the four sisters.

Witnesses said they saw pedestrians who had been hit trying to enter the Apple Barrel during the crash, according to WNYT.

"One just got married and that's what this was: her new husband was giving her a surprise birthday party", she told the New York Post.

"She's angry. She keeps asking if he's coming back from the hospital", said Andrea Orokos, Rich's sister-in-law. "It just hurts", Karina Halse told CNN on Monday while visiting the scene of the accident in Schoharie where her older sister, Amanda Halse, was killed.

A celebration of life turned into tragedy on a roadside in upstate NY.

NTSB spokesman Robert Sumwalt said: "Twenty fatalities is horrific... this is one of the biggest losses of lives that we have seen in a long, long time".

"There have been tractor trailers that have come barreling down that hill and it was a miracle they didn't kill somebody", Schoharie Town Supervisor Alan Tavenner told the Albany Times Union.

All 18 passengers inside the limousine, as well as the two pedestrians, were killed in the crash, making it the deadliest transportation-related accident in the USA since 2009, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

All 18 people inside the stretch limo, including the driver, were killed.

Erin, who worked in a pediatrician's office, and Shane, who worked for Miracle Ear, were married in June. This means the accident claimed 20 lives in a matter of seconds.

"They were the Four Musketeers, " he said. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., asked the NTSB to investigate limo accidents nationwide, but nothing changed beyond deeper investigations.