‘Venom’ Is a "Complete Failure" According to Early Social Media Reviews

‘Venom’ Is a

These first reviews for the film are about what you'd expect.

The Marvel movie is a different take on the usual superhero film, instead focussing on the villain who made his debut in 2007′s "Spider Man 3", but it hasn't exactly gone down well with the critics. Eddie loses Anne, his job, and everything else after he tries exposing Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a soulless super-scientist with dreams of space travel and human conquest.

One of these symbiotes attaches itself to recently unemployed investigative reporter Eddie Brock (a typically mumbly Tom Hardy), and introduces himself as Venom.

To go back to the beginning of Venom's proposed life on the big screen, you have to go back to the beginning of Spider-Man's life on the big screen. As Life Foundation foot soldiers come to retrieve the escaped alien, Eddie and Venom forge a tenuous bond via an ongoing internal dialogue, even if - outwardly - it seems like the poor human is certifiably insane. And an earlier auto chase, right as Eddie is fully turning into Venom, is equally incoherent to watch.

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That said, if by chance one developed a misbegotten affection for the Andrew Garfield-Marc Webb "Amazing Spider-Man" movies (which, like this, it's no coincidence that Sony produced largely independently of Marvel), then you might actually like "Venom".

What he's doing in Venom is a bit like what Bob Hoskins did in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as a real person playing opposite scene-stealing cartoon characters.

"The script is soon going to hell in a squishy handcart, since no one - not the three screenwriters, not director Ruben Zombieland Fleischer - appears to have any idea where to take the tale's development except into a Hades of molten special effects and biff-bang showdowns". "Venom" stars Tom Hardy in the dual-headed role as Eddie Brock/Venom. Clearly, this didn't happen, but I'd argue that Venom's creative team (Fleischer and writers Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg and Kelly Marcel) still have a decent handle on what makes Venom tick. He's having a great time arguing with Venom, even if we aren't always in on the joke. Speaking to IGN at the Hollywood red carpet premiere of Venom, Hardy said his quote had been "misunderstood". It won't kill you to get to the parking lot a little late - that is, unless there's an alien symbiote lying in wait. His take on Eddie Brock is unlike numerous characters he has become known for like his roles in "The Revenant" or 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' He plays Eddie Brock as a charming, down-on-his luck sleuth, who has bit off more than he can chew. Basically, for a movie that's tagline is something along the lines of "the world has enough superheroes", you better have a damn good reason to transform that character into a hero over time. After far too much moping around, both Brock and Drake both end up getting possessed by symbiotes: Brock becomes the destructive anti-hero Venom, while Drake is the more ruthless Riot. In the lead up to this film's release, reports emerged suggesting that Lady Gaga's fans had been writing fake reviews of Venom as a way to sabotage its box office performance, thereby helping the opening of Gaga's film A Star Is Born.