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UB40 Want Nothing to Do With Brett Kavanaugh

UB40 Want Nothing to Do With Brett Kavanaugh

The story, by Bazelon and one other "journalist", said this: "As an undergraduate student at Yale, Brett M. Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a local bar during which he was accused of throwing ice on another patron, according to a police report". Kavanaugh, police wrote, was unwilling "to say if he threw the ice or not".

There is no indication that charges were filed, and the report did not say whether anyone was arrested. "It is from this experience that I concluded that although Brett was normally reserved, he was a notably heavy drinker, even by the standards of the time, and that he became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk", Roche said in a statement. The designation signifies anyone who was interviewed by police who may have witnessed the incident or anyone who had been spoken to about the incident, according to Dave Hartman, a spokesman for the New Haven Police Department.

Representatives for Robin Campbell's band, and for the record label of Ali Campbell's band, did not immediately respond to HuffPost's requests for comment.

Given that Twitter remark, the White House has questioned the Times' motivation in writing the story.

"Brett and I did not socialize beyond the first few days of freshman year". Dudley stressed that while he and Kavanaugh drank together in college, he never saw Kavanaugh black out. "She is not a newsroom reporter", the spokesperson for The Times said.

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In his testimony to the judiciary committee Thursday, Kavanaugh denied ever blacking out from drinking.

On Monday, the White House circulated a statement from Dudley, who went on to play in the National Basketball Association and run for governor of OR in 2010.

Campbell said Monday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had not reached out to his department regarding the 1985 report, nor has it reached out before that in any previous backgrounding effort for Kavanaugh. "She is not a news reporter", the Times' statement reads.

"Without making it sound less important, this is a college town - things haven't changed in that we deal with these types of incidents on a daily basis", Hartman said. But it certainly lends to a simple assault rather than an aggravated assault.