Gmail for Android can now undo sent emails

Gmail for Android can now undo sent emails

Head over to the Gmail app on your mobile device.

For starters, the Gmail app on your phone has to be the most recently updated version. Gmail for Android users can now send confidential emails, complete with expiration dates and SMS passcodes. According to Gmail's official Google+ page, the feature is now rolling out to Gmail users on mobile. Many new features were added that built on work Google had done with other applications and were finally bringing over to the email platform.

It appears as an ordinary email for Gmail users, yet for non-Gmail recipients, it appears as a connection that opens up in a protected entryway.

The feature would help "when we send proposals in a sales organization that we don't want to be outside of their network or their world", said Brady Edwards, director of customer solutions at email deliverability company 250ok.

Open Gmail app tap on the menu icon on the left go to Sent. You can also choose SMS passcode to make it compulsory for recipients to receive the passcode through text message.

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To enable the option on your computer, users will need to use the new Gmail interface. This will now be the norm for all confidential emails you send.

It's a handy tool if you're sending information you're afraid of leaking out, or personal details that recipients should only need access to for a limited amount of time.

Once this is highlighted users should press the confidential mode button. Another functionality of the confidential mode is the ability to restrict the recipient from copying, forwarding or downloading the email for further use.

Confidential emails are the emails that self-destruct after a given length of time. The users who use gmail, will see these messages as like normal mails. The users will not face any issue opening those messages. Scroll down and reach the bottom of the screen, and select "remove access". That means that Google will have access to personal data i.e. the phone number of the recipient, even without his permission.