OnePlus 6T October launch could spark first USA carrier partnership, with T

OnePlus 6T October launch could spark first USA carrier partnership, with T

This year it will be available at T-Mobile stores which will definitely attract a greater audience than before.

Furthermore, the T-Mobile version of OnePlus 6T is said to be optimized specifically for T-Mobile's network, which also includes support for the 600MHz band of spectrum that the carrier acquired previous year. According to a report, OnePlus is going to launch a newer model of its OnePlus 6 in October. The smartphone will be launched as a standard global version that would compatibly work with T-Mobile, AT&T, and in fact all networks overseas except Sprints and Verizon. For US consumers, the bigger story is that this could finally mark the beginning of an official carrier partnership.

CNET reports citing sources familiar with the launch plans that OnePlus will be making a specific, optimised version of the OnePlus 6T for T-Mobile network in the US.

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Once OnePlus qualifies the testing phase, OnePlus 6T will be rolled out optimized to operate of 600 megahertz band on T-Mobile' networks for faster and better coverage. The smartphone will also be sold via T-Mobile stores. It was expected that OnePlus would enable the wireless charging on the device. Models in the face of which the giants Apple and Samsung can't compete. Now, we are not sure how accurate this is, but rumors have pointed to a similar time-frame for the launch of the new OnePlus smartphone. And why shouldn't it, the company makes flagship killer phones that can take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X, etc, and sells it for half the price. The CEO of T-Mobile stated earlier this year that, "If the right opportunity and right timing come along, we'll be very happy to experiment".

If the OnePlus 6T is indeed being planned for October, we should see OnePlus start teasing the device in the coming weeks.

Otherwise, recent history suggests the design will be "borrowed" from Oppo and Vivo's latest flagships, while the specifications may not be radically altered compared to the OP6. The OnePlus 6 was launched around three months ago in May.