USA Basketball, NBA 'blindsided' by new NCAA agent rule

USA Basketball, NBA 'blindsided' by new NCAA agent rule

Slow clap to the NCAA for inching some rules toward the realities of college basketball.

"This change is effective if/when the NBA and NBPA make an expected rule change, which would make undrafted student-athletes who return to college after the draft ineligible for the NBA until the end of the next college basketball season", the NCAA wrote.

College players who declare early for the National Basketball Association draft but are not selected will have the option of returning to school, provided the National Basketball Association makes an expected rule change about draft eligibility, according to the NCAA.

In maybe the most notable correction to the recruiting scandals, those agents will have the freedom to pay for meals and transportation for both players and their families, as long as those expenses are related to the agent selection process, and meals, transportation and lodging for meetings with an agent or pro team.

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The changes reflect the recommendations made in April by the Rice Commission and will target summer recruiting camps, agent access for players and stiffer penalties for rule breakers.

Now college basketball players can work with an NCAA-certified agent while testing the waters of declaring for the NBA draft. While that appears to be the direction the league and union are headed, discussions are centered on the 2022 draft as the earliest date for that change to go into effect. "I don't think it addresses any of the issues in college basketball". The NCAA is establishing a fund to assist schools in this endeavor. The NCAA now will also be able to use information obtained in outside investigations - such as the FBI - to aid in its own probes and also will now hold school presidents and chancellors personally accountable for their athletic departments following the rules.

"The intent here is to just try to reinforce that fact that university presidents are ultimately responsible for the behavior of the people involved in their athletics programs, just as they are with any other group of employees and they have to step up and take responsibilities", said Bud Peterson, chair of the NCAA Board of Governors and the president of Georgia Tech. The NCAA will also add public members to its Board of Governors.

Agents will have at least a limited place within the NCAA structure when it comes to college basketball.