Trump and top European leader agree to work toward zero tariffs

Trump and top European leader agree to work toward zero tariffs

The red, white and blue banners for U.S. President Donald Trump's second-term campaign are ready to ship, emblazoned with the words "Keep America Great!"

But they are made in eastern China and soon could be hit by punitive tariffs of Trump's own making as he ratchets up a rancorous trade dispute with Beijing. "We were being nice - until now!"

The US and the European Union will also team up to address "unfair trade practices" at the World Trade Organization, Trump said, listing his long-standing complaints about China such as intellectual property theft and technology transfers.

But at home, Mr Trump is facing increasing criticism as consumers, farmers and businesses are taking a hit from the retaliation to the raft of United States tariffs on steel, aluminium, and tens of billions of dollars in products from China that he has imposed in recent weeks. Mr Trump had threatened to impose 25% tariffs on European auto imports. All three are embroiled in conflicts with the U.S.

Speaking at an event in Kansas City Tuesday, Trump said that "farmers will be the biggest beneficiary" of his efforts to secure more favorable trade deals.

They also agreed to increase trade in services and agriculture, including greater USA soy bean exports to the EU. China, a huge market for USA agricultural exports, has applied tariffs on $34 billion worth of US goods, including soybeans and pork. Every third row of soybeans in Iowa is exported.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) told reporters Tuesday that while he supports Trump's goal of trying to get a "better deal for Americans", tariffs are "not the right answer".

"I think the European Union as a foe what they do to us in trade", he said.

Mr Juncker said he and the president had agreed to reassess national security barriers in "due time". John Kennedy, R-La. "You've got to treat everybody the same". "While there is plenty of disagreement, nobody, be they farmer, rancher, fiscal conservative, wants the federal government to replace trade with aid".

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Some Republicans several months ago had warned against using the CCC as part of a trade-war related bailout, saying it could distort market forces and pay farmers for products they don't produce. "This bailout compounds bad policy with more bad policy".

On Tuesday, Trump declared on Twitter that "tariffs are the greatest!" But Trump tweeted Wednesday urged concerned parties to "be cool". "The end result will be worth it!"

The program is expected to start taking effect around Labor Day. After $34 billion in tariffs against China went into effect earlier this month, China responded with its own equivalent tariffs soon after, targeting US agricultural products including soy, corn, wheat, pork, poultry and more.

The food purchased from farmers would include some types of fruits, nuts, rice, legumes, dairy products, beef and pork, officials said.

The officials said payments couldn't be calculated until after harvests come in.

"These programs recognize the market challenges our farmers are facing today, and will provide some temporary assistance".

Soybeans are likely to be the largest sector affected by the programs. Soybean prices have plunged 18 percent in the past two months.

The Agriculture Department announced it will provide up to US$12 billion in aid to farmers hurt by trade tariffs.

"Everyone can have a patriotic heart, but this won't improve his economy, and instead it could make us Chinese just shoot ourselves in the foot".