More Changes Coming To Core Fortnite Gameplay In Coming Weeks Say Epic

More Changes Coming To Core Fortnite Gameplay In Coming Weeks Say Epic

Epic Games doesn't like this and the developer is now looking into ways to support more variety in late game strategies. In particular, Epic is concerned by how common shotguns, rockets, and build fights are in the final circle, and it's considering implementing some changes that will allow other play styles to become viable.

Epic has already made changes to the effectiveness of shotguns, and in the blog also talk about adding resource caps, so that it'll be more hard to build complex structures. But Epic wants to evolve the game in order to make other play styles and strategies more viable. What we see through research is that there are no official Google Play Store apps but most are hosted externally as Application Package Kit (APK) files, which can be installed on Android devices.

Given the fact that Fortnite, unline PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has only one map and pretty much standard things to do in each match, making some changes to its late-game looks like one step in the right direction.

Epic believes these tactics should have a place, but it doesn't like them being the only real tactic in the late-game.

We don't yet have specifics for how exactly Fortnite will change to accommodate these different strategies, but the developer promises more details in the coming weeks. We don't know for sure what they're gonna do, but they're throwing around ideas of weapon re-balancing and even potential resource caps.

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The free-to-play title previously surpassed the $50 million mark following the new Season 4 content, gathering revenue from in-game purchases.

"You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies", wrote Epic. So it seems Epic will continue to explore various tweaks and adjustments until we have multiple strategies that are viable late game. Beyond balancing weapons such as the aforementioned shotguns and rockets, Fortnite could receive "resource caps".

Fake Android versions of the best-selling game Fortnite have been spreading online, despite the fact that the game is not now available on Google's mobile operating system.

"Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off", Epic said in a blog post.

Fortnite's popularity helps scammers as players are eager to test the game on mobile, which is an extension to the PC and gaming console versions.