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Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit — AP Analysis

Kim Jong Un got lots to brag about from summit — AP Analysis

Trump announced that he will be freezing US military "war games" with its ally South Korea while negotiations between the two countries continue.

The agreement has four main ingredients: the U.S. and North Korea agreed to establish new relations for the "peace and prosperity" of the two countries; the USA and North Korea agreed to work together to establish a "lasting and stable peace regime" on the Korean Peninsula; North Korea committed to work toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula; the United States and North Korea committed to recovering remains of people killed in the Korean War and repatriating remains that have been found.

During his talk with Hannity, Trump said his inflammatory rhetoric helped spur this new meeting.

What was accomplished during this historic meeting was the signing of a comprehensive document, with the goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

At least one group of former North Koreans now living in Canada say Trump's new willingness to foster closer ties with Kim are unsafe, and criticized the president for focusing on denuclearization rather than seeking answers about human rights in the country. Accusing Trudeau of making false statements and even branding him as "meek and mild", meaning he never contradicted him in their conversations, he virtually upended what to the other leaders was a cordial though sometimes testy gathering.

The 71-year-old Trump said he has developed a "very special bond" with 34-year-old Kim. He gave Kim a glimpse of the presidential limousine.

As Trump acknowledged that denuclearization would not be accomplished overnight, the North suggested Wednesday that Trump had moved away from his demand for complete denuclearization before USA sanctions on the long-isolated country are removed.

There was, however, no mention of North Korean human rights abuses on Tuesday.

Archbishop Xuereb told Vatican News the rhetoric has gone from unleashing "fire and fury" against North Korea to more moderate language "that speaks of peace, of relations based on understanding, therefore, we are truly full of hope and confidence". Trump has "committed to provide security guarantees".

That's a solid turnaround for him since a CNN poll last November showed 35% approval of Trump's handling of North Korea. The aid and investment and economic integration will obviously come from South Korea, which already has a temporarily suspended joint industrial project on the North Korean side of the border. -South Korea alliance is the US troops stationed in South Korea and the joint U.S. "It wasn't in the agreement and sometimes things are said and walked back after talking to people at the Pentagon and other places".

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Lawmakers, too, were looking for details. The meeting really should have been held in Oakland, not Singapore, because there is no there there.

"There will be certain exercises that will continue".

For more on what this means, we're hearing from UBC Professor Paul Evans, an expert in Asian affairs who has actually visited North Korea five times. And in a press conference following the bilateral meeting, President Trump indicated that sanctions could possibly come off at some point.

'You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle. There are even discussions of a Nobel peace prize for Trump and the Kim.

The Singapore summit was truly historic in more ways than one. He added Otto Warmbier, an American once detained in North Korea, "did not die in vain" because his death brought about the nuclear talks.

Trump was smiling when he said it, but he wasn't joking.

Then the real estate tycoon warmed to his theme.

Anchor George Stephanopoulos sat down with Trump in Singapore early Tuesday morning, with the interview airing on ABC's Good Morning America hours later. Moon surely deserves much credit for responding to Kim's initiative and pursuing it in the face of the contentious exchanges between the Trump administration and the North Koreans. Says Trump: When Kim speaks "his people sit up for attention".

The president also said returning a military salute to a North Korean three-star general was being respectful.

Trump responded that he was embracing diplomacy with Kim in hopes of saving as many as 30 million lives. Trump insisted that inspections would be part of the final agreement to end the North's nuclear program. In the afternoon, they signed a brief statement calling for peace, committing to recover the remains of USA service members from the Korean War and asserting a "firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula".