Who is SuRie? All about this year's UK Eurovision entry

Who is SuRie? All about this year's UK Eurovision entry

The performance was a huge hit and sent Ireland into the finals. The staging sees Christabelle flanked by images of protests.

In case you haven't heard the news, Ireland qualified for the Eurovision final last night.

Despite the intensity of the competition, Australia remains a favourite of nearly every country, warmed welcomely behind the scenes.

It seems that this was just a foretaste for a bright second semi-final and of course a breathtaking Grand Final, which will crown the overall 2018 Eurovision victor. This year, Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey again get to host the action, both in the semi-finals and in the Grand Final. "I think I speak for us all when I say that I'm so happy other countries can understand what we're trying to do here", he said. "There is a sense that we're respecting the process".

This year's qualifiers are frontrunners Israel and Cyprus, as well as Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Albania, Finland and Ireland.

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The competition's rules on language have shifted over the years and, notably, between 1966-1972 and 1978-1998 singers were required to sing in their national language; since 1999 entrants have been free to sing in any language.

Our gay hearts swelled when we first saw the video for "Together", the gay love song that doubled as Ireland's Eurovision video entry. To sing and dance on stage, he came out with his backpack - and it's not just.

Recall that according to bookmakers the Israeli song is a very high chance to win. Belarus is one of the countries with the longest and most successful history in the competition, having participated in every contest since its beginning, and winning in 2005 and 2007.

While the suspense was reaching at its peak, the presenters Filomena Cautela, Sílvia Alberto, Daniela Ruah and Catarina Furtado announced the 10 lucky entries, which will keep chasing their dream in the Eurovision battle.

The finals start at 5am (AEST) on Sunday.