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Waffle House shooting victim died singing gospel songs

Waffle House shooting victim died singing gospel songs

He wrested the shooter's AR-15 rifle away from him, throwing it over a counter and forcing the man to flee.

The local newspaper reported that Groves, a senior at Belmont University, was described as having a tender spirit and a strong Christian faith.

He shared with the audience what a survivor of the April 22 attack at the Antioch restaurant told him. Groves' sorority sisters, members of Delta Sigma Theta, sat toward the front of the room, according to USA Today.

The 29-year-old AT&T worker and father of a 4-year-old girl recounted to ABC News how he hid behind a door near the Waffle House's bathroom as he eyed the alleged suspect, Travis Reinking, who was reloading his weapon.

Groves' brother, DiAngelo Groves, sang "The Will of God", a song both sang together in the church choir, the newspaper said. Her funeral service was filled with gospel music performed by family and close friends. "I'm not a singer ..."

Previously, Waffle House offered to pay for the funerals of all four of the victims killed.

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"And [they] spoke of your daughter and her friend, and said they were singing gospel songs".

Groves and her friend were singing gospel songs, the survivor told Ehmer.

Renee Hampton, the aunt of Sharita Henderson, who was injured in the shooting, spoke on her behalf at the funeral about Groves, per The Tennessean.

"I will cherish every smile, every laugh, every hug, every display of love", Hampton said, according to the newspaper.

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