Arrests at Philadelphia Starbucks Sparks Concerns of Racial Discrimination

Arrests at Philadelphia Starbucks Sparks Concerns of Racial Discrimination

A company spokeswoman told the Philadelphia Inquirer the manager left the job "while there is an internal review pending".

The men were asked to leave before the manager called the police.

Two men were arrested inside a Philadelphia Starbucks on April 12, per the New York Post, after an employee called 911 to report the two for "trespassing".

"The police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything", author Melissa DePino, who recorded the incident, tweeted last week.

The video shows the man the men were apparently waiting for querying what police were doing.

The two men in the video were not identified but were released from the district office due to lack of evidence.

"Starbucks stands firmly against discrimination", he said in a statement, adding the company would investigate the incident and "make any necessary changes" to the company's practices in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

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On Good Morning America, Johnson said that he planned to train staff about "unconscious bias". "That's our goal", said Abdul-Aliy Muhammad, one of the protest's organizers and co-founder of the Black and Brown Workers Collective.

Mayor Jim Kenney said the coffee giant's apology was not enough and that the city Commission on Human Relations will examine the firm's policies and bias training provided its employees. The men said they were waiting for a business associate, who arrived while they were being placed under arrest.

A second, separate incident is going viral on Facebook and Twitter Monday reportedly showing a black man being denied use of a Starbucks bathroom while a white man was allowed to use the bathroom without incident.

The two men were released from police custody because Starbucks did not want to press charges. "It says to us that it doesn't matter what you attain in this country, black people and black lives are treated with the same amount of disrespect".

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has called the arrests a "reprehensible outcome" and said he wants to personally apologize to the men. "That didn't happen in this case".

According to Commissioner Richard Ross, officers received a trespassing call from Starbucks after the men allegedly used the restroom without making a purchase, which goes against company policy.