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Rep. Gowdy Demands More Details on Scott Pruitt's First-Class Travel, Condo Deal

Rep. Gowdy Demands More Details on Scott Pruitt's First-Class Travel, Condo Deal

The actions of Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, are, at times, unusual and, more often, ethically corrupt.

Democrats on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said Tuesday they reviewed confidential security assessments describing 16 purported threats. They include public protests, criticism of Pruitt's policies and other activities protected by the First Amendment.

The new documents detail a disagreement among the EPA's intelligence officials, the EPA inspector general, and senior political appointees about the degree of threat that Pruitt faces, The Post reported.

Pruitt has been under fire by Democrats and some Republicans for frequent first-class air travel, including a trip to Italy that cost $43,000, not including security detail.

If confirmed, Wheeler would be next in line if Pruitt resigns or is fired. The vote comes amid calls by Democrats and a few Republicans for President Donald Trump to replace EPA chief Scott Pruitt, whose tenure has been threatened by damaging ethics disclosures.

In a letter sent to Pruitt Wednesday, House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy of SC said EPA had failed to hand over documents he requested in February, including copies of any waivers permitting the administrator to use premium class airfare.

While a string of ethical scandals were still far ahead of him, embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt proposed refashioning the logo of his agency because he felt it resembled a marijuana leaf, according to a report.

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"Administrator Pruitt is focused on advancing President Trump's agenda of regulatory certainty and environmental stewardship", EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said Wednesday. "But Pruitt wanted his coin to be bigger than everyone else's and he wanted it in a way that represented him". A GOP-led House oversight committee is also investigating Pruitt's travel spending and the administrator's bargain-priced rental of a $50-a-night Capitol Hill condo tied to a fossil fuels lobbyist.

"When confronted about these scandals, Pruitt failed to take responsibility for his own actions, blaming his staff, his security detail, his critics - anyone but himself in order to save his own career", the lawmakers said.

EPA's inspector general is now auditing Pruitt's security spending — one of at least five ongoing probes by the agency's watchdog into spending and ethics issues surrounding the administrator.

The EPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In November, BuzzFeed News investigative reporter Jason Leopold filed a public records request with EPA for copies of government records about death threats to Pruitt.

EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins is conducting at least five investigative audits related to Pruitt, including a probe into questionable spending by his swollen security detail.