Bald eagle goes after Mariners pitcher at Twins home opener

Bald eagle goes after Mariners pitcher at Twins home opener

A Bald eagle landed on the shoulders of Mariners pitcher James Paxton following the national anthem at the Twins home opener at Target Field Thursday.

According to the Seattle Times, the bald eagle was meant to fly across the stadium as part of the opening ceremony, where his handler was presumably waiting.

Paxton seemed to stay calm, and the eagle eventually landed on the ground and was picked up by its handler.

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Fortunately for Paxton the eagle didn't attack him and remained on his arm for only a moment before returning to the outfield grass. Or, maybe, he was mislead by a commercial featuring James Paxton with a nest in his baseball hat. He does stand at 6-4 and his nickname is the Big Maple, so it's possible that there was simply a miscommunication.

Paxton handled the incident rather well and better than most of us would have.