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Tillerson departs for Africa for talks with Buhari, others

Tillerson departs for Africa for talks with Buhari, others

According to the U.S. State Department, Secretary Tillerson will meet with President Uhuru Kenyatta and other government officials in talks set to focus on continued support for the democratic process in Kenya, refugee issues, and press freedom.

"The United States pursues developed, sustainable growth that bolsters institutions, strengthens rule of law and builds the capacity of African countries to stand on their own two feet", said Tillerson.

The United States has donated almost $3bn humanitarian assistance to African countries facing one form of crisis or the other since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2017 and has also encouraged additional contributions to meet growing needs.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has criticised China's economic engagement in Africa, ahead of his first official visit to the continent.

Tillerson said China used corruption and predatory loan practices to undermine African governments and mire them in debt.

He added that China puts emphasis on the sustainability of Africa's debt.

In Ethiopia, for example, total US investment of around $567 million, is dwarfed by Chinese investments, which are more than $15 billion, according to the State Department. Another top concern is African nations' growing indebtedness to Beijing, which is building infrastructure across the continent.

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There they found two brands of polony, one from Enterprise and the other from Rainbow Chicken Limited. Motsoaledi said several children presented with gastroenteritis in Soweto earlier in the week.

Geng said China will continue to promote large-scale infrastructure and industrial development in Africa.

He outlined the themes of his trip: counterterrorism, democracy, governance, trade and investment.

Tillerson announced the $533 million aid for the African countries while speaking at George Mason University in Virginia shortly before departing the U.S. for Africa.

The African Union, which represents 55 countries on the continent, demanded an apology from Trump.A group of African ambassadors to the United Nations also denounced Trump's remarks, saying they were "outrageous, racist and xenophobic".

It falls to Tillerson to mend the damage as he travels to the continent on Tuesday, becoming the most senior USA official to set foot there since Trump took office more than a year ago.

The trip, his first official visit to Africa, as Secretary of State, would take him first to Ethiopia and then to Djibouti from where he would go to Kenya, and then to Chad, before coming to Nigeria.