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Several dozen killed or wounded in Syria - Russia

Several dozen killed or wounded in Syria - Russia

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has vowed to investigate an attack involving Russian citizens on American-allied forces in Syria but stopped short of accusing Moscow of orchestrating the assault.

The Russian foreign ministry has admitted that "several dozen" citizens of Russia and other former Soviet states were killed or wounded during a recent battle in Syria.

The Pentagon has said that air strikes launched after as many as 500 pro-government forces attacked the base killed about 100 of the attackers.

The result is a cloud of confusion about what happened and who was responsible for an assault on the Conoco oilfield, a lucrative and strategic prize now held by USA allies. "We'll work with obviously anyone who can answer that question".

Russian officials refuse to admit Russian mercenaries are in Syria despite mounting reported evidence that they are active fighting in the interests of the Syrian government.

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For nearly a week, Vice President Mike Pence has been walking a fine line. But it was Pence who cast one of the loneliest figures at the event.

The attackers "took direction from someone.Was it local direction?" Was it from external sources?

We will remind, earlier it was reported no less than 300 Russians PPK "Wagner" who were killed or injured in combat with USA special forces in Syria.

The Russian defense minister also accused the United States of having a "hidden agenda", claiming that the aim of what he labeled as Washington's "illegal military presence in Syria" was is to control the country's assets - not defeat Daesh.

"But I doubt that 257 people all just decided on their individual own selves to suddenly cross the river into enemy territory and start shelling a location and maneuvering tanks against it". Moscow today said dozens of Russian citizens were injured this month in Syria but denied any responsibility for their activities, amid mounting reports of casualties among Russian mercenaries. Don't ask me, I don't know. Critics allege that Russian Federation uses mercenaries in Syria to keep official military losses low.

Under the deal, the company would capture and secure oil and gas infrastructure in Syria in exchange for a 25 percent share in future resource production. Mr. Lavrov described the February 7 attacks as a provocative support for the Kurdish fighters whom he claims are seeking autonomy in Syria.