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Officer in Canada prime minister motorcade hurt

Officer in Canada prime minister motorcade hurt

Trudeau, 46, was leaving the Reagan Presidential Library where he had given a speech when a auto turned left in front of his motorcade on Friday, ABC News reported.

A California Highway Patrol officer who was part of the motorcade was seriously injured when his motorcycle was hit by an SUV that made a left turn when police say it wasn't supposed to. And so is Mexico.

"My friends, let us keep to the task", he said.

Police respond to a crash involving a CHP officer during a motorcade for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Simi Valley on February 9.

John Heubusch, executive director of the Reagan library and institute, said Reagan would have likely agreed with Trump on the idea of putting American interests at the forefront of negotiations, but would diverge on the idea that the USA economy could make a go of it absent trade.

For more than two years, US President Trump criticised the agreement and also hinted to take some serious steps being in the administration or at least send some ultimatums.

The accord, he said, should be modernized with "a willingness to compromise on all sides".

The speech was a centerpiece on his swing in which he warned Canada won't be muscled into a trade deal that is unfavorable to his country.

Trump has said that NAFTA is a "disaster" that eliminates jobs and has threatened to withdraw if they do not give him what he wants. He has threatened to pull out unless the deal requires more auto production in the US, while shifting additional government contracts to USA companies.

In brief remarks before the meeting, Newsom thanked Trudeau for his "energetic leadership on the worldwide stage ... at a time when that's not lost on many of us in the political sphere".

The location of the speech carried symbolic weight, alluding to the longstanding trade relationship between the USA and Canada.

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The sixth round of North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has ended in Montreal on Monday with a little "progress".

Earlier, Trudeau picked up promises of investments and jobs during his first official visit to San Francisco.

The heated immigration debate since the election of Donald Trump has given Canada an opportunity to promote itself in Silicon Valley.

Trudeau promoted his country's fast-track employment permit for certain workers, dubbed the "global skills strategy visa".

Trudeau plans to meet with the presidents of eBay; Devin Wenig; Salesforce, Marc Benioff, and Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Toronto is on the shortlist.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came with an unambiguous message on his latest U.S. visit: the North American Free Trade Agreement is a success that needs to be modernized, not abandoned.

Google built its latest DeepMind artificial intelligence facility at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, after several of its graduates came to work on the project.

The liberal Trudeau argued that differing political views need not stand in the way of trade agreement, citing a long history of the countries working together.

Trudeau will spend a second day in California on Friday meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown in San Francisco, Friday, Feb. 9, 2018.

A trio of protesters yell outside of a meeting with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and California Gov. On Saturday, Trudeau will join the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti for a media event before traveling home to Canada.