No evidence that Border Patrol agent was attacked before death in Texas

No evidence that Border Patrol agent was attacked before death in Texas

Martinez, the more seriously injured of the two, was taken to the 14-bed Culberson Hospital by the only ambulance available in the small town of Van Horn, Texas, 12 miles to the west. Martinez's partner, Stephen Garland, suffered serious head trauma but survived. He was disoriented and unsure of his location, but he told the dispatcher he and Martinez were hurt.

He reported: "We ran into a culvert", "I ran into a culvert", or "I think I ran into a culvert", the dispatcher noted.

"The dispatcher also wrote into a Border Patrol log, "[He] thinks they (both agents) ran into a culvert".

Authorities appear ready to rule out the possibility that Martinez and his partner were attacked or ambushed.

In the memo, McAleenan also indicated that no evidence suggested other people other than the agents were at the scene the night of the incident. It said it had conducted 650 interviews and 26 searches in Texas and New Mexico.

Martinez would die hours later from head injuries, according to preliminary information from the medical examiner.

No other suspects have been linked to the incident.

During the investigation, the F.B.I. said that it identified two "persons of interest", but that a forensic analysis could not link them to the episode.

Emmerson Buie Jr., the special agent in charge of the FBI's El Paso division, said investigators have not "conclusively determined" how the two agents ended up at the bottom of the culvert.

First responders found Martinez first, according to the internal Customs and Border Protection memo.

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Border agent Rogelio Martinez died in November while patrolling in the Big Bend Sector of the U.S. -Mexico border.

Martinez's injuries included fractures to his skull, right jaw, upper ribs and his right collarbone, according to an autopsy report released by the El Paso County Medical Examiner's Office. The drug is often combined with aspirin or acetaminophen to treat headaches and pain.

"Our view hasn't changed". Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, the agents' union, hastily concluded the agents were brutally beaten with rocks. "It seems to me that they don't have any leads". Ted Cruz - described the incident as "an attack".

Texas politicians - including Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen.

Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also have said the two were attacked, with Trump using the incident to renew his call for a border wall between the USA and Mexico. "It doesn't make sense because Roger never took anything; we had nothing at home", she said, adding that he had not been to a doctor.

Instead, the Federal Bureau of Investigation pointed to a recording of a dispatch call Martinez's partner made shortly before his death.

"The absence of defensive injuries and a single plane of injury is more consistent with an accident than a homicide", Melinek said.

"But from what I know and see, that was not the case here".

Martinez's death was immediately seized upon by members of the Republican Party.

Garland has remained out of the public eye. Garland can't remember, and the months long investigation by the FBI hasn't led to any conclusions or suspects. "Our view is he was attacked", he told CNN, referring to the FBI's investigation.