Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio

Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio

The actress filed a police report against her former Charles in Charge co-star, Scott Baio, on Tuesday, after publicly alleging that Baio sexually abused her for years, starting when she was 14 years old.

Last month, Eggert told U.S. news host Megyn Kelly that Baio penetrated her with his finger when she was 14.

"Nicole answered all of their questions for over an hour and told her story of sexual abuse by Scott Baio when she was a minor", Bloom said in an emailed statement Wednesday morning.

Baio has offered a full-throated denial of these claims, saying the pair did not have sexual intercourse until Eggert was 18 - and calling on the actress to take her accusations to the police. "A witness, Alexander Polinsky, appeared as well and told the detectives about inappropriate touching he witnessed, as well as his own allegations of bullying by Scott Baio".

The outlet noted that, unlike in her previous claims, Eggert compiled a list of witnesses who said they observed inappropriate behavior by Baio during this time.

Eggert also claimed that Baio physically abused when she told him she wanted to date boys her age. "And I told her what happened to me - not in grave detail - but that it happened to me and I want her to know that. if anybody even attempts anything like that, she knows that I will go to battle for her".

The allegations relate to Baio's conduct on the set of the television comedy Charles in Charge, on which both Baio and Eggert were working in the late 1980s.

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"If anyone else has information about this matter please contact us". Baio, now 57, was in his mid-20s, while Eggert, 46, was in her teens. Since the crimes allegedly happened between 1986 and 1990, it's unknown if the statute of limitations has run out or not. "I apologised for pushing her too hard and should have been more sympathetic". He has posted video on social media in which he denied her allegations and waved around documents that he says prove she was above the age of consent at the time. "That's unconscionable." Nicole first made her allegation against Scott on January 27.

Eggert says that when she was 15 years old, she contemplated killing herself.

Eggert said that seeing other women come forward with their stories of sexual abuse in this #MeToo era gave her the courage to speak up.

"I think that's a message people really need to understand", she continues.

"I don't know if you've ever been on a sitcom set, but on any given day - on every day - and especially Charles in Charge, which was like a picnic every day. there's teachers, parents, family, crew, producers, my dad", Baio told GMA's Amy Robach.

Baio has previously denied Eggert's sexual abuse allegations, saying she is "provably wrong" and "deliberately lying".

"In those days I had moments of being so hurt and so upset, and even thoughts of ending my life", she says.