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Pizza is a better breakfast than most cereals, nutritionist claims

Pizza is a better breakfast than most cereals, nutritionist claims

While Amer admits pizza is not the ideal breakfast option, the typical slice will deliver a strong balance of protein, carbs, fats, and possibly vegetables if you opted for some healthy toppings.

Amer said pizza is certainly not the best breakfast option, but that the proteins, carbs, and fats of a typical slice of pizza could deliver a better balance than some commercial cereals filled with sugar.

Pizza becomes healthier breakfast than cereals... a piece of the most common, late night favorite and traditional food is actually a better choice that a bowl of the most of cereals, according to the statement disclosed by Chelsey Amer, a registered dietitian to The Daily Meal, a food website.

According to their small study of 124 people, 92 percent ate more than one serving.

According to a Consumer Reports analysis, people in North America eat enormous cereal servings.

So, if a person eats two servings of sugary cereals with nonfat milk they consume as many as 350 calories, 5.30 gr of proteins, and 23 gr of sugar in a single meal.

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If your Sunday brunch includes a slice of pizza, you're already on the newest health craze. But before you order a personal pie for your breakfast table, it's important to remember that pizza still isn't particularly healthy, and you shouldn't reach for that cheesy goodness on a regular basis.

It's the news we've all been waiting for: We have permission to eat pizza for breakfast, hurray!

Plus, she points out that many pizzas aren't exactly lacking in sugar.

"Most importantly, I think people need to ask themselves, 'Is this breakfast I'm having able to tide me over until lunch?'" Bonci says."If it's not, then there's something missing from that breakfast, and that might mean we're doing some extra nibbling between breakfast and lunch that maybe we should not be doing".

Plus, some pizzas have added sugar like the Pizza Hut's marinara pizza which contains 490 mg of salt and 8 gr. of sugar per serving. Or you could save it as a treat, as Rifkin says people often do, and start your day with a more sensible, albeit less fun, first meal.