Winning the battle against cervical cancer

Winning the battle against cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is highly preventable. The best way to find cervical cancer early is to have regular screening with a Pap test. Efforts to increase awareness about its prevention can help bring down the rate of incidence in women and provide other benefits to men.

The cervix is the cylinder-shaped, lower part of the uterus.

Every day nine women in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with cervical cancer and two women lose their lives to the disease. In most cases vaginal bleeding is the first most noticeable symptom of cervical cancer. "Although they are protected against the two most common HPV types that cause 70 per cent of cervical cancers, the risk is not completely eliminated and screening is still an important part of preventing cancer". Widespread HPV vaccination "would have huge potential" to reduce cervical as well as other types of cancer, McClenathan said.

Every woman over 25 is eligible for a smear test so contact your local GP to book one in. As I tell most of my patients, HPV is a virus. However, a majority of women with HPV do not develop cancer. I was very lucky as the cancer was picked up so early I only needed surgery, I didn't need any further treatment.

Incidents of cervical cancer have dropped dramatically in places like Northern America and Europe, according to Dr Wael Lakkis, a gynaecologist and obstetrician at the Jumeirah American Clinic in Dubai. There is also an open invite to the women of Cork, in the 25 to 60 age bracket, to come along on the day.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she will ask the Health Secretary to take a look at how smear tests concerns.

. It is also curable when found and treated early.

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In the past few years, the recommendations for cervical cancer screening have been revised.

National Reference Laboratory, NRL, a Mubadala Investment Company, is encouraging all females to follow the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, MOHAP, and the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, "Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening" which recommend that all females aged 25 to 65 years undergo a Papanicolaou test, also known as Pap smear test, every three to five years; and, all females aged 15 to 26 years receive the HPV vaccination. Like most viruses that try to attack our bodies, your immune system usually fights off all types of HPV including the high-risk ones and nothing happens.

The questions come as Cervical Cancer Prevention Week is under way, which has been backed by Amber's family.In reply to Ms Elliott's request for a change in the rules, Mrs May said: "I send my condolences and I'm sure the whole house does to Amber's family for this awful thing that has happened".

According to Duska, for the last decade, there has been a big push to get younger girls, particularly those between 11 to 12 years old, vaccinated.

Talk to your health care provider for more information screening or the HPV vaccine.

"The reason that we try to get it to the younger age group is that we are trying to get folks vaccinated before they reach what we call sexual debut", said Jessica Malpass, an assistant professor of nursing and pediatrics.