Apple confirms, HomePod buyers will have to wait for these two features

Apple confirms, HomePod buyers will have to wait for these two features, Apple Stores and select Apple authorised resellers will be selling the HomePod.

The feature is nearly certainly one that was developed for Apple's smart HomePod speaker, so expect it to appear there when the device launches early next month.

France and Germany will get the device sometime in the spring. Sure, the sound is supposed to be way better than an Amazon Echo, but is marginally better sound really worth the extra money?

Even providing new features that may not have been seen with previous smart-speakers, the concept basically remains the same, but with a much higher price than Google Home Mini, which was discounted for as low as 50$ this past holiday season.

Apple is working on a new feature for the HomePod that will allow users to place two of the devices in the same room and have the systems automatically balance each other in terms of volume and acoustics. Apple is now detailing a few additional features that will be available.

In terms of dimensions, the Apple HomePod is around 7-inches tall (6.8-inches to be exact) and 5.6 inches wide and weighs 2.5 kg. After all, Apple is renowned for its design chops and after studying the smart speaker market for several years, it had a product that addressed pain points - especially poor audio. Even if you are disappointed that stereo sound and multi-room capabilities are not available at launch, at least you know that the HomePod is just one software update away from having both of these features.

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HomePod can be used as a speakerphone, routing calls through a paired iPhone nearby.

This confirms that Apple doesnt plan to put Siri in any third-party devices like Google and Amazon have been doing, putting the assistant in things like home appliances and in-car audio solutions, going as far as saying that this model is probably not sustainable.

HomeKit support enables Apple to take on the likes of Google and Amazon, offering integration with a suite of other smart devices.

It can offer music suggestions and adjust home temperatures, and will also be able to send messages and play news updates from National Public Radio and CNN. Apple previously stated that the HomePod would only start listening after the user says "Hey, Siri".

All of HomePod's rivals seem more compelling in every way except audio quality.