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Here's why Japan city used loudspeaker to recall deadly fugu blowfish packages

Here's why Japan city used loudspeaker to recall deadly fugu blowfish packages

At least five packages with the life-threatening fish were sold in the city of Gamagori, central Japan, local media report.

Two of the packages have been located but three others are still missing, according to municipal official Koji Takayanag.

It prompted an emergency response from local authorities, with loudspeakers across the city being used to urge residents not to eat the fish.

"Three packages will be retrieved today, but we still don't know where the remaining two are". Tetrodotoxin poison will cause numbness around the mouth, then paralysis and that can lead to a person's death.

Fugu is one of Japan's most expensive winter delicacies, and is often served in thin slices of sashimi or hot pot.

The livers, ovaries and skin of the fish can contain the deadly poison tetrodotoxin, with the smallest intake proving fatal if the fugu is not prepared properly.

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Pufferfish liver is banned from sale in Japan.

The deadly parts of a Blowfish, called fugu in Japanese, were accidentally sold in a supermarket in Japan.

A warning has been issued in a Japanese city through emergency loudspeaker system to alert residents against consuming the blowfish or puffer fish after potentially poisonous parts were mistakenly sold. And there is no antidote to this poison. Despite this, pufferfish poisoning claims several victims in Japan every year.

Mizuno added that the supermarket told the quarantine office that their licensed employee who cut the blowfish thought this type of fugu was not poisonous as they had previously sold it with its liver before.

"Eating a blowfish liver can paralyse motor nerves, and in a serious case cause respiratory arrest leading to death", regional officials said in a warning statement. Chefs also need a special permit to prepare and serve the fish at restaurants.