Thousands Flock to Find Their Fine Arts Doppelganger in an App

Thousands Flock to Find Their Fine Arts Doppelganger in an App

The app is now available for both iOS and Android.The Google Arts & Culture app has been around for quite some time but it has only recently picked up the portrait comparison feature.

The Google Arts app is available everywhere in the USA except for IL and Texas.

Of all the mobile Google apps out there, "Arts & Culture" had undoubtedly been among the software giant's lesser-known apps.

Most probably haven't ever used the Google Arts & Culture app in the past but you'll have a good reason to check it out now.

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Again, pretty simple. The app's selfie camera will pop up and there's a clear "Take a photo" button at the bottom of the screen for when you're ready to cheese. It's also very shareable.

The software uses computer-vision technology to find similarities between peoples' photos and artworks shared by over 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions. Google has told some news outlets that the feature is experimental, so don't take things too personally if it matches you to a Picasso painting. It has been such a hit, that it is now the most downloaded app on Google Play. The popup is accompanied by "Get Started". Prima, a photo-editing app, shot to fame for turning images into paintings, complete with strokes of an artist's brush.

In the age of social media, how we interact with art is constantly being redefined for our increasingly connected world. In some cases, the resemblance between the person and the piece of art is uncanny, while more frequently, the matches tend to be a little more baffling.

Sure are - check them out below.