Interim fighter aftermath - US Commerce Dept. upholds duties against Bombardier

Interim fighter aftermath - US Commerce Dept. upholds duties against Bombardier

The agency's final tariff value dropped by roughly eight percentage points from a preliminary estimate released in September, but still counts as a massive victory for Boeing and a devastating blow to the commercial aircraft manufacturing industries of Quebec and Northern Ireland.

United States secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross has found in favour of United States-based manufacturer Boeing in a dispute over aircraft sales.

USA trade officials are expected to confirm massive tariffs on Bombardier planes Tuesday in a case that has inflamed relations between Washington and Ottawa.

"Boeing is using its meritless complaint as cover to close the United States market, which is one of the biggest in the world, to new entrants such as Bombardier's C Series aircraft", he said.

"The C Series would not even exist at this point but for those subsidies", Boeing said, adding that the support enabled the company "to dump aircraft into the US market at absurdly low prices". Boeing, Bombardier and Delta presented arguments to the ITC this week.

"Boeing does not produce an aircraft in the same class as Bombardier's C Series and didn't even bid for the Delta contract it is complaining about, which leaves its complaint totally without merit".

Boeing Co and Bombardier Inc traded barbs on Monday over the US planemaker's claim that its Canadian rival benefited from billions of dollars in illegal government subsidies and dumped its newest jetliner in the United States at below cost.

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"The fact is that the CSeries simply does not threaten Boeing", Bombardier said in a statement.

Bombardier for its part expressed its disappointment that the U.S. Commerce Department did not take the opportunity to "rectify its past errors".

The U.S. planemaker said Bombardier failed to cooperate in a U.S. investigation providing pricing information to the United States.

Bombardier doesn't deny that Delta received a good price.

Boeing says the CSeries benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in launch aid from the governments of Canada and Britain and a $1 billion equity infusion from the province of Quebec.

Bombardier criticised the near-300% duties, saying its plan of partnering with the European company Airbus to launch the CSeries assembly from a production line in Mobile, Alabama, would make it an American company. "This facility will provide USA airlines with a US -built plane thereby eliminating any possibility of harm due to imports".