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Declining population knocks IL down to 6th-largest state

Declining population knocks IL down to 6th-largest state

However, roughly 8,300 more people left Wyoming than moved into the state.

However, net global migration decreased 1.8 percent - the first drop since 2012 to 2013.

New York's population count continued to benefit from new immigrants, though the state also continued to lose residents to other states.

U.S. Census Bureau estimates released Wednesday show Illinois' population fell by 33,703 people between July 1, 2016 and July 1 of this year.

California, Texas and Florida continue to be the most populous states, according to the estimates.

To put that growth into perspective, that's roughly the equivalent of adding the entire population of Arlington to the state, in just one year.

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States in the northwest part of the US are among the fastest growing, with Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Washington taking the top four slots.

Census officials confirmed IL lost its spot as the fifth-largest state in the wake of Pennsylvania's modest population growth. That brought the 2017 population estimate for IL to 12,802,023 people. Wyoming had the largest percentage decline (1.0 percent).

From July 2016 to July 2017, almost 115,000 Illinoisans left for other states on net, according to the Census data.

A change in population is dependent on two measures, the natural change, or births vs deaths, and migration, or the people moving in vs the people moving out.

All of Kentucky's population growth since 2010 has been in the population segment age 65 and older, which has grown by 23% since the last Decennial Census.

The new estimates did not reflect the impact on Gulf state of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, which occurred in August and September, respectively.