Synaptics' in-display fingerprint scanner will debut in a Vivo phone

Synaptics' in-display fingerprint scanner will debut in a Vivo phone

In case you missed it, Vivo is using Synaptics's newest on-screen fingerprint sensor, which was revealed few days ago. As it is, the OEM in question is Vivo, but we still don't know the exact phone that will be the first to use this technology.

Vivo has been experimenting with phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors for some time now.

Named "Clear ID", these are expected to work exactly like the home button fingerprint sensors. It also becomes a blunder if you try to make your device different in term so rarely placed fingerprint sensor as seen on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung and Apple have both struggled to integrate fingerprint sensors into smartphone displays, creating workarounds like iris scanners and Face ID instead.

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There will be an image of a fingerprint that appears on the screen when the phone is woken up, and it will disappear after the fingerprint has been recognized.

While this is slightly different from how we unlock our phones now, Moorhead expects Vivo to improve the experience by only requiring users to lift to wake the device, so at that point, they can just place their finger on the glass to unlock it, without the need to press any other buttons. The phone will come from Vivo who, while isn't entirely popular in the U.S., will likely make its name known across the industry as the first to embed a fingerprint reader in a display. Synaptics on its part touts the Clear ID FS9500 as a "smart" technology that can detect fingerprints in various lighting conditions, can recognize wet or cold fingers, and detect attempts to spoof fingerprints. Synaptics claims that the Clear ID is twice as fast as the 3D facial biometrics. However, Forbes' Patrick Moorhead recently went hands-on with one of the company's test units, and reported the experience was "fast and simple".

With the inbuilt sensors the manufacturers in near future would be able to bring out more full-screen smartphones, complete with the ease of a front-facing fingerprint sensor. With Clear ID, Synaptics is looking to offer an even more seamless solution. According to IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report, Samsung had 23.3 per cent market share in first quarter of 2017, while vivo grabbed the fifth position with 5.5 per cent total share.