Google Assistant Comes to Tablets, Android 5.0 Lollipop Devices

Google Assistant Comes to Tablets, Android 5.0 Lollipop Devices

Talking about the new Google Maps Go app, as per the listing it will be available exclusively for Android phones running Android 4.1 or higher.

The app description on Play Store states, "Google Maps Go, the lighter version of the original Google Maps app". It is surely a wise decision by Google to add Assistant support for old Android versions as it will help expand the reach of Google's voice assistant. Once the update is installed, you'll be able to fire up the AI helper by saying "OK, Google", long-pressing your home button, or by tapping the Assistant icon that's added to your "all apps" list. Similarly, lightweight variants of Google Assistant and Gmail are also on the way. Now the Assistant is finally coming to Android tablets too, but only for those with the language set to English. But, phones with Lollipop and all the tablets were deprived of the awesome Google Assistant which comes in handy many times. Just like Twitter Lite, another popular web app, you can pin Google Maps Go to your home screen by tapping on the menu.

United Kingdom users who have their language set as English will be able to use Google Assistant from today, while Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese and Korean also supported.

"Google Assistant also rolling out to users in Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Korea". However, it will be rolled out to other regions like any other new Google feature or app.

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The problem was reported back when the Developer Preview version of Android 8.1 was live, but, as we can see, somehow it slipped by in the official build.

If multi-touch is also malfunctioning on your phone, make sure to report it by going to Settings System About Phone Send feedback.

Meanwhile, at the Google for India event earlier, Google VP of Engineering Shashidhar Thakur had stated that the prime aim of developing Google Go was to help new smartphone users "come on the Internet", and at the same time help them access the Web easily.