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Trump team immigration push undercut by NY attack facts, critics say

Trump team immigration push undercut by NY attack facts, critics say

The time has come for the legal immigration system of the United States to be thoroughly checked after it was revealed that the Bangladeshi man who allegedly carried out a terrorist attack in New York City on Monday was admitted into the US though chain migration, Rep. Marsha Blackburn told Fox News' "American Newsroom" on Tuesday. Although diversity lottery winners are chosen at random and family-based migrants are allowed in based on their relatives, all of them must pass eligibility checks by the USA and be interviewed before they can receive visas.

President Donald Trump called for congressional action after Monday's failed New York City terror attack. The worst act of terrorism in the United States tied to radical Islam since 9/11 was the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando previous year, which killed 49, but the gunman was American born and, like Mr. Ullah, converted to the teachings of ISIS while living here.

"Over time, the combination of the diversity visa program and the laws allowing extended family migration result in the admission of hundreds of thousands of immigrants without any assessment of whether their job skills meet any sort of US economic need and without any consideration of the immigrants' age, education, English language ability, or close connection to the United States", said Cissna.

"If you get rid of chain migration or limit it severely, you're not just impacting the lives of immigrants, you're actually impacting the United States economy at large", says Pawan Dhingra, sociology professor at Tufts University. He also noted that foreign nationals from countries that are state sponsors of terrorism are allowed to apply for the lottery, which awards 50,000 green cards annually. "The President is exactly correct about the changes we need to our immigration system".

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President Trump has called for an end to both chain migration and the visa lottery program.

During a White House press briefing, L. Francis Cissna said that while he does not have data to support a connection between chain migration and terrorism, the current system is vulnerable to infiltration by bad actors. Mandhai immigrated to the US on the basis of his parents' visa lottery win.

Last month, the President blasted the Diversity Visa Program for having enabled the Saipov's truck attack.

"And any chain migration would certainly be a part of that process", Sanders added. From October 2006 to July 2007, Patrick served as Managing Editor at the organization's world headquarters in Alexandria, Va.