Saturday Night Live and James Franco tackle sexual harassment with Christmas satire

Saturday Night Live and James Franco tackle sexual harassment with Christmas satire

In Saturday Night Live's cold open, Santa (played by Kenan Thompson) and his elf Amy (Kate McKinnon) were in for more than just your usual gift requests and requests for good cheer; he was also a sounding board for the kiddos' many current concerns about the goings on of nice and naughty adults alike.

"I guess you could say that Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list this year", Santa said.

Watch as Kris Kringle fields requests from the kids not for just toys, but to chat and know more about Al Franken and Roy Moore, why Trump hasn't gotten in trouble yet, National Football League brain injuries and players kneeling, Feminazis, opioids, factory jobs for Chinese kids, Bitcoin, the coal industry, the tax bill, and Matt Lauer's sex toy.

The skit shows children asking about the names on Santa's naughty list this year and whether it includes men accused of sexual harassment, specifically Sen.

In the end, Santa's elf Kate McKinnon offers an uplifting message to brighten the SNL cold open.

Another girl told Santa, "I don't want any presents this year".

Co-host Michael Che called out the Democrats" attempt to "paint itself the "party of the moral high ground'" by forcing Franken to step down from the Senate amid the sexual misconduct allegations, compared to the GOP's embrace of senatorial candidate Roy Moore despite his alleged past sexual misconduct. "It's more of a registry". "Our president may have said or done a few naughty things".

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'I know, the girl said.

"I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you get in trouble", she said. "But if you deny it, you get to keep your job!"

Then, in a nod to Trump's support of West Virginia coal miners, Santa said to the girl, "Well OK, careful there, Jessica, or you might get coal in your stocking".

The skit ended with the elf telling a little girl that 'I know that things seem particularly insane. "I've seen Fox News".

'But as bad as things might seem, I promise you, Jenny, it will be okay. "Can you take the Al Franken thing, Sugarplum?" he says.

"Well, you know, Santa tries to stay out of political matters", Thompson said.

For a little added insurance, though, the kid's putting all her money in Bitcoin.