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Trump slams 'false' reporting: 'A stain on America!'

Trump slams 'false' reporting: 'A stain on America!'

Demand apology & retraction from FAKE NEWS WaPo!'

Mr Weigel's tweeting has previously landed him in hot water with the newspaper, with bosses issuing a reminder to its reporters that their online behaviour is an extension of their professional lives after the journalist branded defeated congressional candidate Dan Bangino a "lying, pathetic loser".

Trump has since called for the Post to fire Weigel.

Although everyone knows (and any exceptions do not include political journalists) that Trump's Friday night rally in Pensacola, Florida, was another jam-packed event with a near-capacity crowd of 12,000, Weigel appeared to be under the impression that the media has not already suffered enough of a black eye this week.

Trump, who had earlier boasted about the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, contended that the photo was taken hours before he arrived. "And when he was later addressed by the president on Twitter, he promptly apologized for it", the post's VP of communications Kristine Coratti Kelly said.

The source of his anger on Saturday morning was an error made by CNN on Friday, when the network wrongly reported that the president's son Donald Trump Jr. may have been notified about hacked emails obtained by WikiLeaks before they were publicly released.

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A short time later, Weigel quoted Trump's tweet and wrote "Packed to the rafters", attaching a photo that showed hundreds of available seats in the lower and upper levels.

However, his mea culpa is not enough for Trump, who wants Weigel fired, in the president's efforts to expose what he considers unfair reporting by the mainstream media.

He continued, "Real photos now shown as I spoke". And when he was hospitalized with chest pains, Weigel wrote, "I hope he fails", according to The Daily Caller. "Was confused by the image of you walking in the bottom right corner". He deleted it about 20 minutes later.

"I misspoke when talking about the controversy surrounding Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel. Very fair to call me out". Trump asked the cheering crowd.

Limbaugh had called for then-President Barack Obama to fail.

At Friday's rally, Trump pointed to a CNN correction and other corrections and clarifications by news organizations in the past week.