Sony: PlayStation 4 Will Continue To Dominate The Market In 2018

Sony: PlayStation 4 Will Continue To Dominate The Market In 2018

Stay tuned over the next few days as we go hands-on with a ton of PS4 games at the PlayStation Experience 2017! The Last Guardian VR game will actually be a standalone experience, and it's due to release next week!

The MediEvil remaster is in development for PlayStation 4. God Of War, Dreams, Detroit: Beyond Human (now confirmed for spring 2018), and Death Stranding were shown again but were basically the same demos as before.

Sir Daniel and the cult classic hack and slash game have been dying for some sort of revival since MediEvil: Resurrection released back in 2005. The game is being "fully remastered" for the PlayStation 4. If you feel nostalgic, remember that the original and the PSP version are available digitally on PSVita.

Sony also announced that Wipeout: Omega Collection is coming to PlayStation VR.

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That's right, the head boss himself took the stage during the first day of the PlayStation Experience and stated that he was confident the PS4 would continue to dominate the gaming industry in 2018.

There was also brief looks at other new PlayStation VR titles, such as Rainbow Six-esque Firewall: Zero Hour and Jupiter & Mars - which, since it involves dolphins, is going to have everyone making comparisons to Ecco The Dolphin. We got a bunch of new announcements as well such as the MediEvil Remaster that's coming and Soul Calibur VI that was revealed at the conference.

Of course, PSX wouldn't be the same without a host of new trailers.