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Federal Bureau of Investigation finds second Uzbek sought over in NY terror attack

Federal Bureau of Investigation finds second Uzbek sought over in NY terror attack

This is the deadliest terror attack on New York City since September 11, 2001.

A wanted poster was initially released by the FBI Wednesday of Mukhammadzoir Kadirov, a 32-year-old native of Uzbekistan.

The FBI has not released what Kadirov's supposed connection to the attack may be. Kadirov is being questioned by authorities now; investigators became suspicious of him because Kadirov "went off the radar" when they went to talk to him following Tuesday's attack.

Federal agents are also interviewing Saipov's wife, but they said the woman has been cooperating with the investigation. News Channel 8 is working to confirm if Kadirov now lives at this address or when he lived there.

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The officials further added that the contents are being investigated and the document supported the belief the act was terrorism. The travel dictat was criticised by many and was deemed a "Muslim ban".

At least eight people were killed and 11 other injured in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday after a gunman in a truck plowed through a busy bike path, an incident the United States termed as an "act of terrorism".

Kadirov is not being called a suspect; at this pint Sayfullo Saipov is suspected to carry out the attack as a "lone actor". Late Wednesday, federal authorities filed terrorism charges against him.

Saipov was charged with material support of a terrorist organisation - ISIS - along with violence and destruction of a motor vehicle with disregard for the safety of human life.