Texans' players kneel prior to Seahawks game

Texans' players kneel prior to Seahawks game

Only ten Houston Texans players stood for the national anthem on Sunday in protest of comments made by team owner Bob McNair earlier this week. McNair's quote came during an owners-only session to discuss the protest issue.

In arguing for the league to do something, McNair said they can't have "inmates running the prison."

McNair met with the players on Saturday, then released another statement in which he claimed the "inmates" comment was a reference to the league office, not the players.

"I think it angered a lot of players, including myself", Texans offensive lineman Duane Brown told reporters on Friday.

Video posted on twitter showed most of the team kneeling on the sideline and linking arms.

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The Seattle Seahawks seem to be hitting their stride as we wrap up the first half of the 2017 National Football League season, and they'll look to extend their winning streak to four games against the Houston on Texans to head into the midway point of the year on a high note.

Nevertheless, Texans players were offended enough by the statement that they reportedly wanted to walk out of practice, and it took a group meeting with coach Bill O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith to get majority to stay.

McNair's apologies and Saturday's meeting did not appear to do much to assuage players' concerns however, and ESPN reported Saturday night that players were weighing their options about what sort of demonstration that would do Sunday in Seattle. Many players held hands.

According to the Houston Chronicle, this is the first time any Texans players has ever kneeled before the national anthem (though one player raised a fist once last season). Several of the players who chose to stand put a hand on a teammate's shoulder.