Facebook Chief Operating Officer Supports Releasing Russia-linked Advertisements

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Supports Releasing Russia-linked Advertisements

Axios asked Sandberg what the world's largest social network knew about the extent of Russia's use of its platform and if ads on Facebook that had been placed by Russian accounts and Donald Trump's presidential campaign had overlapped in terms of target audiences.

Moscow has denied allegations of meddling in last year's U.S. presidential election.

Officials from Facebook and the committee did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Conaway said it was unlikely the ads would be released before Facebook will testify to Congress about Russian interference on November 1.

She said only that the role Facebook plays in elections "go beyond any one campaign, any one country".

Sandberg made the trip to Washington inform USA lawmakers about progress in Facebook's internal investigation into the Russian adverts on the site.

As more facts continue to unfold regarding how external forces influenced last year's United States elections, Google has reportedly uncovered how Russia-linked accounts bought election ads on its network.

On Facebook's part, Sandberg expressed during her meeting with lawmakers a "very strong desire on their own to get any assistance they can from the intelligence community when they identify foreign bad actors", Schiff said.

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Facebook, along with Twitter and Google, will next month testify before the House and Senate intelligence committees about Russian Federation meddling in the presidential election. Facebook says these ads focused on divisive political issues, such as immigration and gun rights, in an apparent attempt to sow discord among the US population.

Russia's election meddling is being investigated by multiple congressional panels as well as an independent Justice Department probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

"I think we should seek to facilitate when the intelligence community identifies the Russians are using this platform in the same way that when the intelligence community finds that ISIS or Al Qaeda is using the platform for recruitment, there ought to be a dialogue through Federal Bureau of Investigation or DHS", he explained, per a transcript shared with Recode on Wednesday.

"We take reports of misuse of our platform seriously".

Facebook has said those ads focused on divisive political messages, including LGBT issues, immigration and gun rights, and were seen by an estimated 10 million people.

She criticized Twitter's decision this week to remove a campaign video from Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn, who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee.

"The hard thing about that question is, are we saying the answer, are we saying we don't have responsibility, so I want to be really clear", Sandberg said. Sandberg told Axios: "When you cut off speech for one person, you cut off speech for other people".