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Iran warns United States against imposing new sanctions

Iran warns United States against imposing new sanctions

Addressing a group of senior IRGC commanders on Sunday, General Jafari pointed to the "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act", which was signed into law by Trump in August and allows the president to impose fresh sanctions against Tehran, and said, "If the USA administration implements the CAATSA, the Islamic Republic of Iran will view it as Washington's unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal".

Jafari rejected the idea of negotiating with the US over regional issues and said if the United States designates the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group, the Guard - which has suffered significant casualties fighting the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq - will also consider the USA army a terrorist group.

Revolutionary Guard chief Mohammad Ali Jafari said that if these reports of the United States' "stupidity" are true, it will equate USA troops, especially in the Middle East, to IS terrorists.

He stressed that if new sanctions are imposed on Iran, the chance for any interaction will be lost forever.

On Thursday, Trump accused Tehran of violating the "spirit" of the landmark nuclear agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), limiting Iran's nuclear program for fifteen years in exchange for easing pre-existing sanctions.

"The Islamic Republic intends to resolve the regional issues at a place other than the negotiating table".

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The anti-US parliamentary measure provides for a multimillion-dollar boost in spending on Tehran's missile program and IRGC's overseas operations.

He went on to say if the United States government is truly considering to include IRGC in the list of terrorist groups, the IRGC will treat USA army in the same vein as ISIS terrorist group.

"The Americans need to know that we will use the Trump administration's stupid conduct as an opportunity to advance our conventional missile program", he added.

The IRGC Commander's remarks came after the Financial Times reported that Trump is expected to designate IRGC as a terrorist organization next week as part of a new hardline strategy against the Islamic Republic.

The warning came after the White House said on Friday that President Donald Trump would announce new US responses to Iran's missile tests, support for what Washington calls Tehran's support for "terrorism" as part of his new Iran strategy.

This is while the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly verified Iran's commitments and other parties to the deal, including Washington's European allies, have rejected Trump's hawkish stance toward the UN-endorsed agreement.