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Thailand: Former PM Yingluck sentenced to 5 years in prison

Thailand: Former PM Yingluck sentenced to 5 years in prison

Today (Wednesday), the Thai Supreme Court unanimously sentenced the country's former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to 5 years in jail.

"I know, but I won't say yet", Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a then-army chief who toppled Ms Yingluck's government in a May 2014 coup, told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting.

She was also impeached for the same charges, and not allowed to participate in Thai politics for five years.

Yingluck, who inherited the leadership of Thaksin's political machine and was elected prime minister in 2011, became a proxy target for his enemies as well.

Yingluck was due to hear the verdict on August 25, but failed to show up, surprising hundreds of supporters who had gathered at the court. She faced negligence charges over her government's handling of rice deals with Chinese state enterprises that cost Thailand billions of dollars.

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Yingluck, as head of the National Rice Committee, had established regulations and preventative methods at the programme's outset, the court found.

Ex-premier Yingluck is known to have fled the country with unconfirmed report that she is now in London.

It was further added, "Which is a manner of seeking unlawful gains".

Though her whereabouts has not been disclosed by either her aides or the junta, Reuters reported last month that she had fled to Dubai where Thaksin has a home and lives in self-imposed exile to avoid a 2008 jail sentence for corruption. The military seized power.