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World's former heaviest woman Eman Abdul Atti passes away in Abu Dhabi

World's former heaviest woman Eman Abdul Atti passes away in Abu Dhabi

The 37-year-old woman died due to numerous co-morbid conditions including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

Her UAE doctors tell the National, "Her diet was right, and nothing could have been done differently-so we were all very surprised when she started to go downhill over the previous three to four days".

Her request for an Indian visa was initially denied, but she was granted passage after the doctor who volunteered to do her initial surgery tweeted a plea for help directly to India's foreign minister, who intervened. "The family is yet to reach Abu Dhabi from Egypt". Everyone is feeling bad for Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty death.

Lakdawala said she had done well post surgery, with improved kidney function.

"We never thought something like this will happen to her". She also shared pictures of Eman suffering frequent seizures and tremors and crying in pain to prove her point. Her prognosis was grim, Lakdawala wrote there in January.

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She was born weighing a hefty 4Kgs and was shortly diagnosed afterwards with the parasitic disease called elephantiasis. "Fame and propaganda made them insane", she said. At last, she was lowered to the street. Egypt Air specially adapted a cargo plane to transport her to India. Once there, she was driven directly from the airport to Saifee Hospital in the bed of a truck, with a police and ambulance escort.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Hyperthyroidism. Gout. Diabetes. Severe sleep apnea.

The say that she subsequently suffered cerebral stroke, which left her bedridden until April this year when surgery enabled her to lose a massive 299kg. This is not some effort at a world record, in medicine it never is. But after the disputes, her sister had taken her back to Abu Dhabi. "The focus of the prep could have been intense physiotherapy and medication for reducing water retention in her body".

Her family expressed appreciation for the care provided by Burjeel Hospital and the support of the people of the UAE, according to the hospital statement.