Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

Apple TV lacks Dolby Atmos, YouTube 4K; Apple Pay comes to ALDI

Apple isn't clear about why it added this restriction, though it's thought to be either a licensing issue - Apple is charging the same price for 4K movies as the HD versions - or it could simply be due to the large 4K file sizes taking up too much of the Apple TV's built-in storage.

The Verge's Nilay Patel ultimately determined that the Apple TV 4K is a nice step up over the previous model. As this Apple TV 4K support document (discovered by MacRumors) explains, you will not be able to download 4K content directly to your device for offline viewing. The reason for the same is the fact that Apple TV does not support the format YouTube uses to stream its videos. If it's lower than that, Apple devices will automatically lower the quality.

The first reviews of the new device, which boasts 32GB of storage for the $179 model and 64GB for $199, are out, and critics say it's flawless for those looking for enhanced picture quality and improved gaming experience. The news comes ahead of the Apple TV 4K launch.

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The new box has a new chip at its heart, which improves performance overall. It also said the new product has the "most polished" video streaming capabilities available on the market, and it considered the remote the best on the market as well.

HDR content spans across the company's original TV show, popular movies and documentaries.

Not only this, Apple has also stated that users will not be able to access 4K videos available on YouTube. But it's the Apple TV 4K's power that might prove more important over time, he wrote. Apple says it is working with 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate and other production houses to bring new content to iTunes.