Disabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on iOS 11? Don't Use Control Center

Disabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on iOS 11? Don't Use Control Center

When users swipe up and access their iPhone's Control Center to switch off Bluetooth or Wifi, toggling those switches does nothing. Then they can send it to you, and you can more easily troubleshoot it. To activate the feature, head over to the Control Center, tap the Record icon and a 3-second countdown timer appears inside the icon.

Clear all notifications with a tap.

A built-in screen recording feature is present in iOS 11. If you do, they'll seamlessly be given it.

iOS will now detect when your vehicle is moving and automatically enable Do not Disturb While Driving. Security firm Armis recently revealed eight "critical" vulnerabilities allowing hackers to take control of smartphones and computers through the owner's Bluetooth.

iOS 11 has the new and updated Apple Maps.

One user reported seeing his iPhone "drop from 100 to 85 percent in probably an hour, pretty bad". We will walk you through certain tips that will (hopefully) get you back in business.

It's finally here. Screen Recording is a great new addition to iOS 11, and it all "just works" directly from the Control Center. It supports various types QR codes.

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Before sharing your videos, you may want to edit them slightly in the Photos app. Yes, and it's my favorite new feature, and one I predict I will use more than any other.

The upcoming iOS 11 update means you'll never have to remember your app password again. If you go to Settings, Control Center, you can choose what shortcuts you'd like to be in there. If you have an iPhone 7 or later, then the key combination is Power + Volume Down keys. But it allows you to get calls and texts from the favorite contacts.

This is something that can definitely help you out when you're out and about in a foreign country, as Siri translates what you're saying in real-time.

Gone are the days of awkwardly, painstakingly reading out your WiFi password to visitors when they want to connect to the internet.

Meanwhile Caitlin Roper, from women's rights group Collective Shout, said although the function may "may be a useful tool, particularly for women who are at risk of men's violence", we should still use it with caution. It's under Accessibility, in the Display Accommodations menu. This will make the screen about 3/4 its normal size so it's much easier to reach all the buttons on your phone, freeing up your other hand. It's something hidden in your settings that Apple didn't really mention during its recent iPhone X and WWDC keynotes. The same goes for iPad and iPod touch.

Yes. If you move location, it will assume you want to reconnect. Your iPhone and iPad friends will thank you, however.