Google Assistant coming to speakers, home appliances

Google Assistant coming to speakers, home appliances

The company is also teasing the fact that it is working with Google to create an entire line of Google Assistant-powered speakers, with the Zolo Mojo being the first in the lineup, and also being the entry-level model. Instead, Google Assistant is coming to third party products to help quickly expand its reach and allow it to take shape in many form factors. Anker is also behind the Alexa-enabled Eufy Genie, which retails for under $35.

IFA 2017 is yet to commence, but companies have already started unveiling their products. Taneja says that Google Assistant will function "just about the same" across these third-party speakers as it does elsewhere, so don't expect any major differences if you're jumping from Google Home or Android. The Panasonic GA10 will be available in at least two colours according to their website.

The Zolo Mojo arrives in late October for $70. While other smart speaker companies are coming at it from backgrounds in rugged portable Bluetooth speakers, Panasonic's history is more high-end, and the acoustic quality shows. Controlling the biggest and most-expensive devices in homes using voice commands could have a much bigger impact.

Additionally he stated that Panasonic's existing relationship with Google made them a more natural partner for a first smart speaker.

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The Panasonic SC-GA10 will go on sale in early 2018.

[W] ith manufacturers like LG, you'll be able control your appliances, including washers, dryers, vacuums and more from your Assistant on your smart speaker, Android phone or iPhone (any device with the Google Assistant built in!).

The company said that it would open its digital voice assistant up to developers at its Google I/O conference this past May, so the moves are not unexpected. They also all support multi-room audio and can be paired to Google Homes and Chromecast.

That openness has given Alexa a general leg-up in the nascent voice assistant market thus far. LG is one of the manufacturers called out specifically for adding this type of control to some upcoming appliances, but it was hinted that other OEMs will be on board as well.