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Even before Harvey's waters recede, sniping over aid

Even before Harvey's waters recede, sniping over aid

This climate denialism, combined with a decline in "regional cooperation", is "a particular danger today, when the possibility-nay, probability-of future devastation from climate change, not to mention other natural occurrences, is staring us in the face", Hiltzik concluded.

What goes around Capitol Hill comes around Capitol Hill. An early aid package could be attached to a temporary spending bill to prevent a government shutdown October 1. Trump threatened last week to shut down the government if Congress did not agree to $1.6 billion in funding to start building his proposed wall on the U.S. -Mexico border.

President Donald Trump's administration says it will make sure Texas gets what it needs. Some said it contained too much funding for unrelated provisions or sought corresponding spending cuts.

Democratic aides said they expect the party to support a Harvey aid package, but they said lawmakers will not be shy about pointing out what they see as hypocrisy among GOP lawmakers, many of whom represent Texas, who opposed Sandy aid.

The debate delayed the passage of the Sandy relief package by several weeks.

Even as Harvey's rains continue, former Democrat Rep. Steve Israel said there is a "deep and lingering resentment by members of Congress who needed help in their districts when Sandy just ravaged their constituents". Only nine Republicans voted for the main Sandy aid in the Senate.

Divers have located human remains in warship: U.S. admiral
Malaysian navy crews participating in a three-nation air and sea search for the sailors had also found a body, Swift confirmed. On June 17, the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship about 90 miles from Japan, killing seven American sailors.

With remnants of Hurricane Harvey still pounding Texas, US lawmakers have begun contemplating the massive rebuilding costs, leaving some Republicans in a tricky spot after they opposed federal aid when a storm devastated eastern states in 2012. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for his vote against a similar relief bill after Hurricane Sandy. NY wont abandon Texas.

Christie, in a told-you-so moment on Monday, chastised Texas lawmakers for their actions after Sandy, one of the worst storms in recorded history. "Two-thirds of that bill was unrelated spending that had nothing to do with Sandy", Cruz said Monday.

AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), said Congress "will help those affected by this awful disaster", adding that the first step is a formal request for resources from the Trump administration.

Sen. Cruz also didn't mention the reason why the Sandy bill was so expensive was that red state Senators required a bribe before they would vote for it. In 2005, Pence, who was then a congressman from IN, led an effort called Operation Offset aimed at requiring deep spending cuts to pay for Hurricane Katrina relief.

When Congress reconvenes next week, it will have to come up with an aid plan with the president that will include flood insurance, disaster assistance and a variety of things that are not now in the budget, said Stan Collender (The Budget Guy). Congress must act to keep the government running after its funding expires October 1, raise the government's borrowing limit and authorize new funding for children's health insurance, all at a time of flaring tensions between President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.