John Cena Being Surprised By Fans He's Inspired Will Touch Your Heart

John Cena Being Surprised By Fans He's Inspired Will Touch Your Heart

Get your tissues ready. John Cena was reduced to tears after being surprised by fans whose lives he touched with his "never give up" message of hope. Now some of them have repaid him with simple words of thanks.

In a video from Cricket Wireless, Cena was on set to read letters from fans he had helped over the years. One of the messages was recorded by a boy named Tyler who said Cena's words helped him get through his mother's breast cancer diagnoses.

The rest of Cena's fans follow suit, meeting him and thanking him for changing their lives.

As the 16-time heavyweight champion read the letters out loud, the fans listened in secret backstage before they surprised Cena to show their appreciation. After receiving one of Cena's "Never Give Up" bracelets from the wrestler at a WWE event, Tyler gave the bracelet to his mother to wear during her chemo treatments.

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As the video continues, the group enters the room one-by-one to express their gratitude and present the star with a "Life Changer" trophy.

They include Raihan Ahmed, who was told he would never walk again following a auto accident.

"Just remember that you guys do the work", John says in the clip. "I mean it when I say, 'Never give up'".

"Coolest surprise ever!" the wrestler tells him, adding, "You're extremely strong, you know that?" "It's a reaffirming message of being mindful that your actions affect those close to you".