Would safeguard China's sovereignty whatever the cost: PLA threatens India

Would safeguard China's sovereignty whatever the cost: PLA threatens India

Speaking at a press briefing, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said also that China plans to strengthen its "targeted deployment and exercises" along the disputed border and said India should "have no illusions" about its military's commitment. "It is easier to shake a mountain than the PLA", Wu said.

On the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) security meeting scheduled for July 27 and July 28, the Chinese MFA said "meaningful dialogue" will be possible only after Indian troops withdraw.

Tensions between Beijing and Delhi escalated this June when Chinese teams started building a road on the plateau. Wu urged India to swiftly withdraw its troops as a prerequisite to resolving the situation. "India should take practical measures to correct its wrongdoing, stop provocation and jointly safeguard peace in the border regions", said Wu.

China said today that it will safeguard its security interests at “any cost” as its sovereignty was “indomitable”, amid a standoff with India in the Sikkim sector. The nuclear-armed neighbors share a 3,500-kilometer (2,174-mile) border, much of it contested, and China acts as a key ally and arms supplier for India's archrival, Pakistan. As a senior official said, "China has stated its position now repeatedly and will not shift, basically that India has to withdraw the troops so the NSA will have to work around that". Indian forces are stationed in Doklam, where Chinese forces were trying to build road in the disputed territory.

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Amid the Sikkim stand-off, China Monday hinted that a bilateral meeting between state councillor Yang Jiechi and national security adviser Ajit Doval could take place on the sidelines of a BRICS NSAs' meet here this week.

Despite mentioning the fact that China and India have a smooth diplomatic channel, the spokesperson said, "India has the responsibility for initiating dialogue on the standoff, which has entered its second month".

This dispute is different in nature from the previous frictions happened at undefined boundaries, he added.

However, the spokesperson warned India to abandon any impractical illusions while emphasizing the Chinese Army's increasing capacities and unshakable determination to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.