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Former PM Blair Calls For "Reformed Europe", Criticizes Current Labour Leadership

Former PM Blair Calls For

The shadow chancellor was responding to comments the former Prime Minister made in relation to Labour's objectives for the deal.

However, he also warned the United Kingdom would be "flat on our back" if Mr Corbyn became prime minister.

Blair spoke on the subject after suggesting there was room for compromise on the free movement of people in an article for his own think-tank, the Institute for Global Change.

John McDonnell has accused Tony Blair of being out of touch with the "nature of the debate" when it comes to Brexit negotiations. The open-ended transition that they propose would be a mistake as it would lead people to wonder if we were ever actually going to leave the EU.

Last week it doubled down on its call for Britain to stay in the Single Market and customs union until a final EU deal is in force.

He said yesterday that "public opinion is moving on it" and urged voters to think again about Brexit.

The election of French President Emmanuel Macron had put reform of the European Union on the table, meaning Britain and the European Union could meet "halfway" to strike a deal that would keep Britain inside the world's largest trading area, Blair said.

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The EU has demonstrated increasing confidence in recent weeks, accusing Britain of dithering over whether it wants a "hard" or "soft" Brexit more than a year after the shock referendum that propelled May to power. Electoral setbacks for anti-EU parties and the arrival of the Europhile Emmanuel Macron as French president have lifted their mood.

Mr Blair said it was "necessary" Brexit did not happen.

"If a rightwing populist punch in the form of Brexit was followed by a leftwing populist punch in the form of unreconstructed hard-left economics, Britain would hit the canvas, flat on our back and be out for a long count", he said.

"The Corbyn enthusiasm, especially amongst the young, is real, but I would hesitate before saying that all those who voted Labour voted to make him Prime Minister".

"They will make reforms that I think will make it much more comfortable for Britain to fit itself in that outer circle", he said.

"I think the problem with that old left programme is that it just doesn't meet the needs of the times and the danger for the country and look, all I do when I speak on these things is get a shedload of abuse so why am I doing it?" "The Labour party should be cautious in thinking "one more heave" will deliver victory next time", Blair said.