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Trump denounces poll as being shown with record low approval rating

Trump denounces poll as being shown with record low approval rating

According to the poll released yesterday, Mr Trump's disapproval rating has risen five points to 58 percent.

In those counties, the president's approval rating clocks in at 50 percent, compared to 46 percent who disapprove of his job performance. Fifty-eight per cent disapproved of his first six months, majority "strongly". For context, George W. Bush and Barack Obama both held 59 percent approval ratings in Post/ABC polls conducted around their six-month anniversaries.

Besides, it also showed that 48 percent of the respondents see the USA leadership in the world as weaker since Trump's inauguration, with only 27 percent believing it to be stronger.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said that the meeting Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort held with a Russian lawyer past year was inappropriate. Trump has become the most unpopular US President in last 70 years of the US history.

There is no visible upside to Trump's presidency.

On the plus side, opinions about Trump's economic proposals were evenly divided, with 43 percent of respondents approving and 41 percent disapproving.

Mr Trump responded to the ABC/Washington Post poll on Monday morning.

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US President Donald Trump's standing with the American people has deteriorated.

Sixty percent said they believe Russian Federation tried to influence the 2016 presidential election, up four points from April.

On a health care bill supported by Republicans in a bid to overhaul the country's existing system, half of those surveyed said they prefer the current one, and only 24 per cent favoured the Trump-proposed legislation. Forty-six percent of whites see them as unsafe, rising to 65 percent of nonwhites.

Recall that the congressmen brad Sherman and al green from the Democratic party launched an initiative on impeachment of the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may have just attempted his most audacious use of alternative facts to date.

The Republican base is somewhere between 34%-37% of polls; this means that if Trump's numbers continue to drop, it will suggest that Republicans are leaving him.

The poll surveyed 600 adults in these counties between July 8-12 and has a plus or minus 5.3 percentage point margin of error in "flip" counties and a plus or minus 6.1 percentage point margin of error in "surge" counties.