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Court To Rehear Charlie Gard's Case

Court To Rehear Charlie Gard's Case

After a series of court battles, the family have been offered support by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Pope, the latter having sent a tweet offering to help. Thus, the court in Charlie's case acknowledged that "all other things being equal, the views of the parents will be respected and are likely to be determinative". They raised the funds required to do so through an online crowdfunding campaign.

Both Peter - who met baby Charlie Gard's parents at Great Ormond Street Hospital on Fathers' Day - and Maxwell's mum Emma have spoken out strongly in favour of Charlie receiving experimental drug treatment available in America.

His parents want to bring him to the US for experimental treatment, but London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he is staying, argues he would suffer harm because there is no prospect he will recover.

After several appeals, the decision was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights, and Charlie's parents were given a week to say goodbye to the little lad before his life support was switched off.

Charlie's parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, were not only not permitted to take their son elsewhere for potential life-extending treatment, but the courts also rejected their request to have their son brought home, to spend his final hours with them there.

The treatment - which Charlie's parents said they believe has an "up to 10% chance of working" - is "potentially painful" and "very unlikely" to improve his condition, the hospital said.

Charlie's parents interrupted the hearing at one point. Arturo Estopiñan, who lives with his parents in Baltimore, Md., was diagnosed at just over a year old and has lived to the age of six, also thanks to the treatment now denied to Gard.

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An online campaign raising money for Charlie to be taken to the United States for treatment has raised more than £1.3 million (NZ$2.3 million) so far.

So I find myself ready to argue that these outsiders, the doctors and lawyers, should butt out.

Their son, Maxwell, has the same condition as Charlie, and while he has benefited from experimental treatment, they still have faced numerous struggles.

Charlie's case will be heard by Mr Justice Francis at 2pm, according to a High Court listing.

Likewise, Charlie is not a cautionary tale about a single-payer system being unwilling to foot the bill for pricey care - if money were the issue, the hospital would be shooing him out the door - or about death panels deciding who deserves care.

FAMILES came together to demonstrate their support for the family of Charlie Gard, who is desperately ill.